How Are You?

I fucking hate this phrase. People ask it to “be polite”, but they don’t REALLY want to fucking know how I am. I mean, why the damn hell would you ask if you don’t actually want to fucking know?? If I don’t want to know how YOU are, I don’t ask. It’s that damn easy. If I honestly don’t care how you are, you won’t hear this phrase from me. If you don’t want to fucking know about the color of my daughter’s vomit or my colitis problems, don’t fucking ask me how I am. I’ll tell you – and this is how I’ve gotten a lot of bitches to just stop asking.


People Fucking Lie

Why do people lie? Like, all the time, about everything. I mean, we all lie. I lie, I know I do. But, I mean, true genuine people are fucking hard to find! People lie when they say they don’t mind if you’re talking, people lie to impress their bosses, I mean, people lie! Dude, I literally had someone say to me, “I don’t think you like yourself and that’s why you did that.” That was a few years ago, but I was all, “Whoa. The fucking truth! FUCKING AWESOME!” The next thing he said to me was, “I bet I pissed you off with that statement.” I said, “Fuck no! I NEED honesty! Tell me how it is for real!” And I meant it. I’m really trying to figure out why people lie about shit like it’s their fucking job.

Maybe it’s because they lie to themselves, all the time. They say, I’m cool. I’m popular. I’m so afraid of my fucking self that I have to shit on others to make myself feel like a person.

Fuck that shit. For real. Be true to yourself and do you. Then maybe you’ll learn to tell the fucking truth once in a damn while.

I hate society for its lies. But that’s  a separate blog post.

Yours in Fuckery!